Sunday, May 31, 2009

The mysterious Poodle paw sore

It was a lovely evening beach walk today. Mia and I did a *drag-run from the house past the security guard and up to the main road. It seems that our human pack couldn't keep up with us! We did the usual - sniff around and even got to meet a couple of other dogs that were off leash.

During one of those encounters - and we do like to get a bit over-excited and jump around and bark a lot - Mia hurt her rear left paw. Shame. My poor sister kept raising her leg and limping around on three legs. We checked her paw but no blood and nothing sticking in anywhere. Perhaps it's a splinter? She is being very brave and not crying or anything. I do hope she's alright in the morning.

This is a photo of Mia taken recently but giving her best crazy-face look.

* Drag-run: a forward hopping, leaping and running movement where an over-excited Poodle wants to run but is constrained by leash and weight and will of a pack human giving the run the appearance of a floppy eared hairy dolphin zooting along the tarmac. The drag-run often happens at the start and end of a walk.

We love winter beach walks

Winter is great for beach walking. Not only is there an air of drama with the turbulent weather and choppy ocean but the beach is normally deserted. This means that Mia and I can run and run and run - into the dunes, down to the surf (where we get green foam-goo all over ourselves) and back into the dunes.

It's not unusual for us to find some tasty morsel to eat and this just drives the humans wild with them not knowing what we're gulping down or crunching on.

Anyway, this is Mia and I with my dad - taken on the Big Bay beach yesterday afternoon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Snuggle weather

Winter is beginning to make it's presence felt in Cape Town. What better way to hide from the wind and rain than sleeping on Mia's bed in Ouma's room? It's funny cos in this photo Mia looks like me - only the trained eye can spot the difference (I'm in the background sleeping on top of my sister's pink blanket).

We kept each other company during the day while everyone was out. In the afternoon we went for our daily beach walk. It was chilly and blustery out there and Mia and I were only too happy to get back home and chase each other and Tabby round the lounge. That poor three legged kitty cat. Mia does love to tease her so!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday's Poodle outing

This morning we got taken to Milnerton Library for our exercise. On the way, we stopped off at the Pot Factory sale. While we were alone in the car, Mia and I kept jumping around to set off the car alarm. How funny! The security guard was going spare!

We had a nice run in the field behind the library. We ate quite a bit of grass, chased each other and wee'd in several spots.

The pictures were taken on the way home.

Our daytime snooze places

It's funny, but we both have our favourite places to snooze during the day when I'm at Mia's house. Mine is in a corner near the dining table (that's me in the pic sleeping on the lamp base) and my crazy sister loves to sleep by the front door.

I think she likes it there because she can hear the goings on outside, even as she sleeps. Me, I just love to sleep.

Baby pictures can be so cute too!

This is me when I was 6 months old. Still a puppy and very playful. We were playing on a grass bank in de Waterkant when this was taken. I love my hair-do!

Baby pictures are so embarrassing!

This is my (half) sister Mia when she was a baby! Look how small she is - the little ball of creamy apricot fluff climbing over our mom with our other brothers and sisters.

We thought she would be a show girl when she was that small.

My walking gear

This is Mia (on left) and I (on right) with our walking gear on. Harnesses protect our necks because we pull so much! We just LOVE our daily walks!

In this photo we're walking on the road to Mia's house after leaving the beach at Big Bay. This is our most regular daily walk.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Poodle too!

I'm Mia - Babette's younger half sister. I'm a year younger than she is and also smaller than her. 

My other name is Lauvander Gold Sombrero which kind of matches the apricot colour of my fur but I prefer Mia. My poodle mom's name is Lauvander Sister Act and my poodle dad's name is Lepommier Matt Finish.

I am a Poodle

I'm Babette, a two and a half year old Standard Poodle. I live in Melkbosstrand, Cape Town.

My other name is Lauvander Casablanca. My mom is Lauvander Heaven's Door and my dad is Trelarken's Turn Back Time. These names are very fancy and something to do with the way people register Poodles and other dogs, but I prefer being called Babette or Ba!