Thursday, December 31, 2009

Girls eating food

OK, so this is a bit boring but my human made me post it because he thinks anything with a Poodle in it is worth posting. Sigh.

As a Poodle,  can but humour the human - so here we go - a minute of us eating leftover Christmas lunch. We are experimenting with file quality on Youtube, this one is a bit large (5 Mb) so if you have a slow Intenet connection, may take a while to download.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Poodlemas?

We're not really sure what happened yesterday. Mia's house was filled with humans, two of them small humanlets and of a size worthy of barking at. Some of these humans we had never seen or smelt before and we think they are staying for a few days. They also ate a lot and we got lucky and scored some yummy human food - which does not happen often.

Mia's human bought us some collar decorations for the human celebration of 'Christmas' - whatever that is - but check the photo to see how cool we look. Other humans on the beach walk thought we looked so pretty and made a fuss over us. Therefore, as Poodles, we think the day should be renamed Poodlemas; meaning 'Poodle mus be the centre of attention'....  My human bought us all smoked bones and I ate mine all up! Yummy!

The Poodle girls hope you all had fun whatever you did!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Me and 'Dubai Cat'

I was on my way home the other day when I spotted 'Dubai Cat' at it's home. Of course, I pulled towards Dubai Cat and luckily my human tagged along with me. Dubai Cat decided it was better to greet me from behind the security door. I do get excited around little things because they are like toys!

Friday, December 18, 2009

We are not a conjoined Poodle

Our regular walking human has been a bit pre-occupied with whatever 'work' is so Mia's walking human has very kindly stepped in, and BOY - is she the bestest walker ever!!! She lets us run around and splash in the water. We managed to get soaking wet at least twice this week. Dankie Ouma, ons is lief vir jou!

Regular walking human was back on duty today - as you can see from the picture here. He still seems to be on the 'fly on the wall' camera mode. The way he takes the photos so close to us causes some distortion by the lens, but the effect is pretty Poodletastic.

I'm on the right, Mia is sticking her tongue out.

Mia chased pigeons from our food bowls this afternoon. They love our kibble and she loves to let them get close and then surprise them! Ha!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poodles on the go.

We had quite an exiting beach walk today. Basically, we barked a lot - which we find quite amusing. Also, the beach was busier as the holiday season is almost here, so lots of people made comments about us. "Look at the Poodles", is one we get quite often. "They are gorgeous", is another one.

Thing is, as canines we do need to be praised often - so all comments from random passers-by are welcome.

Note these photos taken by our walking human who is trying to get creative with the camera to make the pictures more interesting. This is what we look like if you are a small dog brave enough to approach us on the same pavement...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Curiosity caused the C.A.T to make a friend with a Poodle?

What an exciting evening weepoo walk today! As we crossed the main road by my home, I saw a stripey ginger cat hiding behind a pal tree. I stopped and stared at it and it stared right back at me. My human took this photo - can see spot the cat?

Then we walked down 4th Avenue and as usual everyone barked as we walked past. We reached the end of 4th Avenue I was let off leash so I could go do my thing. I ran into the long grass and had a pee and then saw a human on a bike cycling along the path. My walking human and I ran all around the grass and then onto the beach. I found a huge poo in the sand so I did my business there and then we took a leisurely walk back. (Note that our humans always pick up our business - they are good like that).

At the top of 4th Avenue where I saw the stripey ginger cat was a thin black cat. Just sitting there. I put my brakes on and stared at it. It was just looking around as if I wasn't there. Imagine not noticing me! Then it got up and walked towards me. Then it was under my chin and it sniffed my front paws! I was beside myself with excitement. Poodle ears all alert and tail wagging like a wagging tail (you can see eyes at the top of the photo...

...because while all this was happening) and unknown to me - the stipey ginger cat was approaching from behind and I only saw it when the other cat was under me. The flash from the camera was too much for the cats and they ran away.

I do hope they are there tomorrow - they are my new friends!

Me shouting at passing dogs and kids

When I go for my walks, other dogs always shout at me as I walk past, so when they walk past my house, I give back as good as they give me. Towards the end, you can just make out Daisy the Cockatiel butting into my audio clip.

My human doesn't know how to edit the audio files so they are in a blank movie file. My computer human needs to sort this out - it's unacceptable for this Poodle!

We love cuddly toys

This is me with my toys. I've seen how many toys some dogs do have and my collection is small by comparison, but I take good care of each and every one of my cuddly toys. they get taken outside from time to time and I always check to see where they all are after the cleaning ladies have been.

This is me with Minky - my favourite. You can also see Bokkie on the floor and in the toy box, Ant and Skaapie. They are also my favourites. Tigger and BoneBone are hidden from view. I don't really like that red plastic bone thing or the rubber tyre - the humans should get rid of them and replace them with cuddly toys!

Do my other doggy readers love their toys as much as Mia and I love ours?

Note the empty space to the right of my toy box. My couch normally goes there but I'll not say anything about that now... Hmmphhh.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The day my bed/couch was taken away

Regular visitors to the Poodlematic blog may recall that my sleeping couch was carted away the other evening without so much as a hint of consultation with me, it's primary user. Two humans do share this home with me but lets get one thing straight, they share with me.

In my home, there is a spare bedroom that gets used as a laundry room, and the humans dump all the clean laundry pre-ironing onto the sleeper couch there. I made it well known that I was not amused with the fact that there were coat hangars and bags and other things all over the sleeper couch by just sitting there and staring intently at a human. This does tend to get their attention quickly (handy tip for any canines reading this) and within minutes the couch was cleared and my sleeping blanket laid down.

Better. Much better.

Blaf! Blaf! It's a dog's life!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why do humans do other things?

I hate it when my human gets busy. They forget so easily that the world revolves around Poodles! I haven't been able to tweet and post as much because I can't do the screen lock without my human around.

What fun I had today! I chased a Jack Russel with human name 'Lucy' around the block twice this morning. My human let me off leash for my weepoo but I had other ideas and went to find Lucy, who promptly led me on the round the block run. There was no way the walking human could catch us, we ran so fast.

To end the day some other humans came to my home tonight and removed by couch/bed. Apparently it has gone for recovering, whatever that is. What I want to know is, where am I supposed to sleep now?


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I am such a lucky Poodle. Not only do I live a short walk from the beach, but so does Mia. This means that all walks lead to the beach, which is lucky as there are always lots of interesting things on the beach. My beach is called Melkbosstrand and Mia's beach is called Big Bay beach.

One of the things we are both happy to find are bones. We think it's great that humans leave food for us to find but it drives our humans mad. My normal walking human always goes on and on and on about how disgusting humans are that they leave thing lying around for us to eat. Mia thinks he's mad!

So, this photo is of the pretty sunset we had yesterday and I'm also in it - but looking for stuff rather than the sunset. Stuff or a place to weepoo, I can't remember.