Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who takes photos at 6am anyway?

This morning we were caught out by the human. We overslept and didn't manage to wake him up with our smiling Poodle faces and wet kisses. The human took a photo of Mia and me sleeping on her bed. It's very warm in the room at night and we both slept on the tiles most of the night.

I really don't know why my human didnt bring my bed from home. At least Mia would have somewhere nice to sleep when I'm on her bed.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holiday by Ouma and Mia

I spent the week at Ouma and Mia's house. My humans went away to somewhere called Swellendam but had the sense to leave me with my two favourites; my sister and Ouma. I would have liked to go with them but some humans are not pet friendly and that means I do not want to meet them at all. I'm sure they would change their minds and allow Poodles if they were brave enough to meet me but I do understand that my fluffiness and friendliness can be a bit daunting for humans sometimes.

My pack is complete again and Daisy the cockatiel and I arrived back at our home last night. I slept on the couch all sprawled out and comfy as usual and it was nice.

This photo is of a canine that my humans came across yesterday at a place called Dassiesfontein. I'm not sure of it's name but they said it was very friendly and that it is a working dog and that it might have mistaken me for a sheep! Some humans do think I'm a sheep but I'm sure a distant cousin of mine would surely not make that mistake. Would they?


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Everyone, meet Ami

My crazy sister has already posted about yesterday's Woefie-Wandel that took place at HoĆ«rskool Tygerberg in Parow, so I'll post this - we met a halt-sister or even a younger sister of ours at the event!

We spotted a black Standard Poodle and of course, wanted to go and say hello. While the humans were chatting about where we come from, we worked out quite quickly that we shared the same mother and quite possibly, the same father as Mia has. She is 18 humans months old. Her humans call her Ami which means 'friend' in our ancestral French human language.

Ami and Mia (how funny, their names even use the same human letters!) both growled at each other a bit but she and I got on well. Ami's humans even took a picture of the three of us together!

It was lovely to meet you Ami and we hope to run into you some time soon.

Babette and Mia, your sisters xxxxx

The walk of a thousand dogs

Yesterday (Saturday 13 February) our humans let us go in the back of the big car which is exciting because it means we are going somewhere and even more exciting when they drive with the small picture box that speaks because that means we are going somewhere new. Anyway we drove and we drove and Babette and I looked out the windows as everything went by and the back seats were down so we had lots of space to move around and see stuff and then all of a sudden we were somewhere and there were LOTS of dogs and their humans and then I went beserk and blaffed and blaffed like mad and so did Babette.

We were at something called the Purina Woefie Wandel - which our humans had seen advertised during the week and there was just so much going on to see and smell and bark at. We had to stay in one place and bark until that got boring and then we pulled our humans into the crowd of canines and people.

WOW! Babette and I have never seen so many dogs, dog-dogs and doglets in one place all at the same time - it was like going for a beach walk multiplied by infinity and we wanted to be everywhere at the same time.

AND - we got a prize - we're not sure what for but we are very grateful to the Woefie Wandel organisers Purina and the Cape SPCA for our prize. The humans told us it's because we looked so cute and adorable and we really did stand out from all the others - two fluffy white Poodle sisters that got SOOOO much attention from EVERYONE!

Then we went on our walk with all the other dogs and humans and we saw lots of things and there was lots of water to drink and I had a big poo and Babette had a peepee and then we got our prize and then we went home and were very tired. We had a great day and we know our humans are proud of us for being so well behaved.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Parlour day again!

Mia's human decided that we were both a bit scraggly and she took us to Wags and Whiskers for a wash, cut and dry. I really was soooo not in the mood to go today, especially with no apparent warning.

To offset the trauma of the parlour, I managed to get my walking human to give us a second walk today. I did this by making 'the face'. This neat trick allows us to change our Poodle expressions from joy to disappointment in a couple of seconds - just long enough to make the humans feel guilty.

Mia's human had already taken us for a walk after the parlour, so I did 'the face' when my human got back from work and we got another walk. Poodles rule the roost!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A de-poodled photo

Babette and I had a Poodle discussion about out blog and we thought that it might be nice to post subject matter other than us which we have done in the past but it's been a while and so here we go it's a picture of Tabby and she is a bit sleepy and irritated at being photographed!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

My new bed

For my third birthday, my humans chucked out my old Poodle nest and gave me this hi-tech 'all-barking all-prancing' Poodle bed.

It's called a Petzbed and has a funny grey mesh on top. Apparently boy humans love it but girl humans think it isn't soft and fluffy enough. The mesh is great for rubbing my nose when it gets itchy.

It doesn't have the raised edges my old bed had (that made it so perfect for curling up into a fluffy ball) but it does shape nicely however I lie on it, even when half on the floor!

My humans were also talking about the new bed being better for me than the old one, something to do with fleas not being able to breed and hypo-allergenic and something called 'drip dry' - whatever that is! All I want to know is, will my favourite toys Minky and Skaapie like it?

Mia certainly likes my new bed! I think she's making herself look sleepy to prove a point. What do you think?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Triangulation 'Point'

We are demonstrating geometry, Poodle style. Draw a straight line from one cold Poodle nose to the eggs. The draw another straight line from the other cold Poodle nose to the eggs. Lastly, draw a straight line between the two Poodle noses.

Voila - a triangle!