Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two Lamb Cuts, please.

Yesterday was parlour day. We were dropped off at Wags and Whiskers again. Mia was very keen to have her hair done but I wasn't. I tried to get the human to take me away but the lady from the parlour dragged me to the back. Anyway, we look quite cute and the humans reckon it was worth the pain and suffering.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Poodle wrestle

Mia and I wrestling and messing around in her human's bedroom. My little sister is crazy! She loves running and jumping on me!

Someone came to visit.

Look what my human mom found in the upstairs room! It's a little flying thing. Similar to the ones that eat the seed in the bird feeder but this one has a long beak. I wonder what it is? Are they edible?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sprinting through the water

When we are eventually let off leash (providing any small humans and other canines are not close by) boy, do we just go for it! I think we run faster than Wuh wa huff's (Greyhounds). Despite the best efforts of the humans, we headed for the surf and got soaking wet. Ha! Poodles are made for water.

Mia and I barked a lot at other dogs when they walked by. Somehow I get the feeling we'll be going to doggy training next weekend...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poodles on grass!

What a treat! We got bundled into the car and taken to Milnerton to run on the grass. Made a nice change and Mia and I were able to zoot around at full speed. Then a man came with a doglet on a leash and then another man came with what looked like a black horse. I wanted to make friends with it and it got a fright when I barked with excitement. Apparently it's something called a Great Dane which we know as Wuff Huff. Mia just wanted to beat it up - but that's my little sister!

Friday, October 23, 2009


We have taken it upon ourselves to wake the human at 5:30. We do this as illustrated here, standing around and looking fluffy and cute!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poodle in the wind

You know that famous song by Sir Elton Poodle, Poodle in the Wind? Well, that was us this morning. Here is Babette singing it while we stopped for photos. Check how we look with our hair and ears blowing backwards.

But what a treat to get a full-on walk for the morning weepoo walk. And it's normally only Babette that gets a weepoo walk. I have to make do with the yard. Human mom take note: when you come back from wherever you are (I just know you're not coming home in the evenings), weepoo walks are FUN!

We will sleep a bit now because we are tired.


The south easter messes up hair

We got our afternoon walk at dusk yesterday, which made a nice change because we saw the sun set over the ocean. We'd been patiently waiting for our walk all day so we were both hyper and a touch manic when we saw the leashes come out! We just LOVE our walks!

When we got to the beach the sand was blowing everywhere because of the wind. It's a bit annoying really. It blows onto our faces and into our hair. When we get home after windy walks we take half the beach with us which is nice because it reminds of us walks. Why do the humans keep sweeping the sand away and spoiling our fun?

My leash is red, Babette's in green.


What does this taste like?

This yellow thing that you see on top of the door also arrived to sleep over with the humans and Babette.  Can you believe I didn't realise the thing in the big cage made squeaky noises and can fly! It's a bit like the wood pigeons that come down and eat our kibble except it's a hypnotising yellow colour...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleeping over at Mia's, sleep 2

My sister Babette just makes herself at home on my bed. Just look at her all sprawled up with me squashed in the corner.

Babette washing Mia's face

Nothing like an early morning face wash from your big sister!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Flash! Flash! Paparazzi alert! Flash!

These pesky humans that insist on whipping out those cameras with little or no warning. I mean, one minute I'm busy playing with 'Big Beer', my toy of the moment and then "flash flash flash". It's blinding and somewhat disorienting. Not that is detracts too much from play but c'mon humans! If you must take pictures of Poodles, we need hair, wardrobe, make-up and a dedicated air-conditioned Winnebago. OK?


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Evening photo

This was taken this evening on the beach near my home. I'm posing next to my walking human. We chased each other around the sand and grass for a bit after I had a wee.

Then, we walked past the busy restaurants so everyone could see and adore me. I then had to poo in the flower bed opposite the stationers. My walking human is obsessed with picking up my poo in what the humans call a 'poobag'. Humans are very strange.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a flying metal thingy for humans?

We often see these funny buzzy noisy bird things with weird colourful wings. They buzz up and down our beach when there is little wind. It looks there are humans underneath those bird things. Perhaps the humans have been caught by mutant eagles and are being taken back to the nest to feed baby mutant eagles?

The next time one of the caught humans waves at us we should bark and bark and bark to get someone to try and help us free them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Parlour day at Wags and Whiskers

It's easy for us to tell when it's parlour day because we get put in the back of the human's work car. Being Poodles, we really prefer being ferried around in a 2 or 4 door family car but at least the van is made in Europe (possibly in France even!).

Today, we went to a different parlour from the usual one. This time we got dropped off at Wags and Whiskers in Parklands. It's quite nice and spacious and the humans there are very friendly.

Poodles coming back from the parlour really need the correct accessories around to complement the radiant Poodleness we exude, so next time we hope that we get dropped off in the van but collected in the Mercedes so that everyone behind us on the road can see just how happy and pretty we are!

Babette and Mia

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Me and my Ouma!

This is a photo that my Ouma, (Mia's human) took with her phone camera on our beach walk this afternoon. I think it's a lovely self portrait of me and Ouma, capturing the essence of Poodleness adoring a human.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mia sleeps over

Mia's human mom and dad went away for the weekend. Last time they went away we all went to Mia's house but last night she came and stayed with us!

I was a bit irritated having her in my space at first but I was reminded that I spend most of my day at Mia's home which she happily shares with me. Eventually I came round and we spent the night together on her comfy bed that she brought with.

Now we're happy as two Poodles in a parlour and this photo of the two of us on MY couch shows how much my little sister means to me.