Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poodle rant! Blaf blaf blaf!!!!

It seems to be a new thing, but Babette and I are being semi-attacked by other dogs. This is a whole new thing to us as we're quite docile and just want to be friends with almost everyone and everything. OK, Babette goes crazy when she sees small humans running around and making a noise and I want to bark at everything that moves, but I digress.

On our beach walk today (where I found a dead seal) a boy dog ran up to Babette and I, all snarling and ferocious looking. His human parents had him off leash and they were a way behind him. He tried to sniff Babette and then went for her tail. Of course, she was on the defensive and I took the opportunity to bark and leap at him. Thank goodness our walking human keeps us on leash or I would have had the stupid mongrel!

The other dog's human father eventually caught up and apologised as did the human mother when we walked past her. Our walking human was a touch irritated and ignored both the other humans.

As a Poodle, what I have to say on this subject is that dead seals look like dogs with no legs and smell funny.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Strawberry cream forever!

Well, what a lucky girl I am! My human dad made me a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream. The cream was really Mascarpone cheese which is (especially to a Poodle) the King of Creams.

Back to my story.

So, dad stood there cleaning and halving the strawberries, added the cream and mashed things up a little bit, then put the bowl on the side table and left the room to go work on his computer thing (similar to the one I write my blog on). I was so looking forward to my strawberries and cream that I didn't bother waiting for him to come back into the room and just helped myself! Lekker!

Dad came back - I think he heard the bowl moving around on the table - and stood in the doorway and watched me, then quietly took the bowl away from me and put the strawberries and cream on top of my kibble. Attached photograph as proof that I get spoiled rotten on a Sunday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Poodlecam: on the beach

This is what a beach walk looks like from Babette's view point. The sand is looking particularly lovely in this shot.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spring time flowers

Spring is officially here, although with the mild winter we had many of the wild flowers have been out for a while. Here is a large patch of Osteospermum that I have to pass on my beach walks in Melkbosstrand. I call this colour Poodle white.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Check out the C.A.T

See if you spot the Poodle (me) spotting a C.A.T. I really don't know why the humans refer to these creatures as C.A.T. We all know they're called Huff Wuff's, don't we?