Links to sniff at

Back Chat by Leslie Back is a nice place to find out information on restaurants (and some of them are pet friendly), food (which all canines can relate to) and movies (which we sometimes enjoy watching bits of when our humans watch them at night).

Dogs In A Third World City is written by King and Kyle (Shih Tzu's), who live in the Philippines. They look like they would be fun to play chase with.

Love Always, Bear is written by a cute Retriever called Bear. I like Labradors and Retrievers at lot and they make nice babies with Poodles called Labradoodles which is just the cutest name ever! I wish I could meet him...

Raw Berries is a photoblog by my humutt dad so you must visit it regularly. There are nice pictures there although I may not have been to all the places to smell what is going on.