Thursday, January 28, 2010

Babette's Birthday portrait

It's a bit after the fact now but it was my birthday on Saturday 23 January. I am now 3 slash 21 (depending on whether you are a human or fellow canine).

This is me (on the left) and my little sister having an evening beach birthday walk! What a treat!

'Point, point'

Our human that lives in Bantry Bay was so disappointed that the walking human didn't take a photo of us 'pointing' at that cat the other day. So, although not quite the same, Mia has kindly agreed to demo Poodle Pointing on some test subjects that are readily available and relatively used to us. Bear in mind that as we are not able to life our front legs, the 'point' follows the direction of our nose and stare.

This is the Seated Point. This indicates interest and a desire to see something happen - whenever. Note the flying yellow thing is caged and thus, not providing much interest in the way of movement potential.

This is the Standing Point. This shows intense interest and a readiness to interact or chase before anyone knows what is going on. Note that the C.A.T is lying down (behind the flower pot and pretending to sleep) but is able to move freely in any direction, including up or down.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleep-over week again

My human pack and the flying yellow thing are staying over at Mia's again. The humans didn't bring the computer with, so I'm sneaking this quick post on a phone while they are busy outside!

Anyway, it's great fun staying with my sister. We found a strange cat in the house yesterday and we went ballistic! There was hissing and back-arching and ear slanting and all sorts of feline things that drive us wild with excitement. We didn't get to chase it though, which is a real shame. We hate it when the humans interfere in animal matters...

Will try and post again soon. Here is a pic of Mia and I checking out the vibe at Eden on the Bay, Bloubergstrand. If you're local and you have a canine or two in your pack, come to Eden on the Bay and relax on a hot summer weekend.  We walk past it every day so you're bound to see us Poodle gals at some stage!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Die Damhuis, Melkbosstrand

Yesterday morning (the morning I saw the flying car thingy) my humans took me to Die Damhuis, a beachfront restaurant in Melkbosstrand. Poodles and other canines are lucky, because there is an outside bit with umbrellas for keeping one cool while lying on the flagstones.

Die Damhuis is on Melkbosstrand's beach road - go down 6th Avenue from the traffic lights towards the beach and turn right - it's there on the first corner on the right.

They do not offer a menu specifically for us, so you will have to do your best to get your humans to part with some tasty treats from the human menu which could be meat, vegetable or carbohydrate based. Remind the humans if you're there on a Sunday morning that bacon fat is especially welcome!

I was offered a bowl of water but my humans decided at that point we were going walkies again, so unfortunately I can't review their bowl or water quality for you.


I could be a rescue Poodle

Yesterday morning's walk was very different to normal. Not only did my humans walk me in the opposite direction to the normal route, but we came across this strange car. It's humans did not let us near it for some reason but it did look like a Poodle or two could hop on board and go for a nice ride to a walking place.

It made a lot of noise which thankfully, did not frighten me and LOTS of wind that made my head hair go flat!

Give me opposable thumbs and I'd be able to hang beneath that flying car thing too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our outing to the other side of the bay

Yesterday our humans took us in the big car to see the lovely humans that live in the building with the magic box with the slidey doors that also goes up and down and makes everything new when the doors open again. We had such fun there.

Of course, we were adored and hugged and stroked and adored some more; and as Poodles, this is what we enjoy the most. Just as well that Mia and I had been to the parlour on Thursday. Our ribbons even matched the Aunty Leslie human's clothes! We all looked so smart together.

Mia was brave and stood close to the edge of the balcony and she growled at humans walking in the street way below. She may have thought they were C.A.T's or some other little animal as they looked so small - smaller than she is used to seeing them.

We got some white bread and also some nutty bread to eat which was yummy - thanks Aunty Leslie human!

After the humans had finished barking together, we went back in the magic box and somehow arrived back at the big car. Then our humans took us for a lovely walk-walk in a different place to where we normally go. They call this place Sea Point Promenade (which reminds me of Pomeranian in a funny way). There were lots of people and lots of them looked at us and told us how pretty we were and how loved we must be (for those that don't know, a condition of Poodles accepting humans into their pack is that we get the most love of all).

Our humans had some human food and we had to lie patiently under the table. After they finished eating we walked some more and met a groups of lady humans that made such a fuss of us. I barked at a humanlet and then we went in the big car again and made our way home.

We were so thirsty when we got home but it was a fun day out. We slept a lot in the afternoon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two Poodles and a Cockatiel

One of the most amazing things EVER this week when my sister and her humans came to stay; they brought this mesmerising yellow flying squeeky toy and it spent the day locked in my human mom's room when all the humans were out doing whatever it is they do when they leave after the morning weepoo walk.

When the door was open us Poodles went to inspect and stand guard to protect the flying squeeky toy from Tabby, the pussycat because as a pussycat, Tabby eats flying squeeky toys.

This does not explain why I could not take my eyes off it for more than a few seconds and why my little pink tongue kept licking my Poodle lips and why thoughts of roast chicken kept haunting me every time I looked at it or it made a squeaky noise....


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being beautiful is tiring

Although we don't get to open shopping malls and give our opinion on world peace and so on, we do totally understand what it must be like to be a beauty queen. Being a beautiful Poodle girl is hard work and very, very tiring. Being at the salon for hours is very traumatic with all the tugging and plucking and pulling and hot whooshy air and more tugging and pulling.

Then ones has to deal with all the staring and pointing! People "oooh" and "aaaahh" and want to talk to us and our walks stop and start, stop and start. Then we get patted and talked at... Oh my word. Too much to deal with.

Time for a napzzzzzzzzzz.....

We went to Wags and Whiskers today

Today was parlour day. We were dropped off at Wags and Whiskers in Parklands at 8:30 and were done by mid day. Unfortunately our driving human couldn't come and fetch us when Elaine sent the SMS to say we were ready and Babette couldn't hold her poo any longer and then she made a poo and then they had to wash and dry her bum! When the driving human arrived I was very excited and I jumped up and down and then Elaine showed the driving human a HUGE black boy Spoo called 'Max' and he was just as crazy as me and he told me I was a really sexy chick and he jumped up and down too.

Then Babette came out and we went to the car and I wouldn't go in the back so we both sat in the front and then we got home and I sat in the human driver's seat and then he took these photos.

Now we are tired and will sleep a bit.