Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doing house patrol

As a Poodle, I have to make sure that my home is safe and that means doing the security round on a frequent basis but the photo makes me look like I only have 2 right legs. Mia

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fauna checking out the flora

We have lots of pretty plants in South Africa, many of them known to gardeners all over the place. I'm examining something we call 'fynbos'. This is a type of plant that only grows in the Cape and it's protected and always under threat due to humutt expansion. As canines we don't really mind urban expansion but fynbos really does make a good marking spot for boy dogs!

I'm not trying to hide any feathers!

With all the rain we've been having, our humutts keep our kibble inside to stop it from spoiling. This makes it difficult for our feathered friends to come and feast on our food.

Can you believe it: not once, but twice - TWICE - last week we were accused of terrorising, chasing and eating birds. The dead birdlet that was outside by the pool just dropped out the sky. Honestly! It musta had a heart attack or something while it flew over our yard.

And these things on the floor are not from a bird at all. They are dust bunnies from under the furniture that just LOOK like feathers.

Really. Placing the blame on a Poodle Princess is shameful. Butter would be eaten straight away wouldn't melt in our mouths.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We look like sheep

Parlour day again but what a mission. Our normal parlour, Wags and Whiskers was closed today and then we couldn't find anyone willing to do our hair last-minute. But then my humutt mom said to only wash and dry and then someone did us and now we look like fluffy toy destroying sheep!

Any canine reading this post, yesterday I discovered that cut roses are fun to eat and play with. Try them next time your home gets some!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another vet visit after another 'incident'

This afternoon I went with my humutts in the van and we went for a long drive but without my sister, Mia - which is strange because we almost always go everywhere together. It's not that often that we drive and drive so I made myself comfortable on the cushion and slept a bit.

I woke up and watched the world quickly go by and then we stopped. I was so happy to be out of the vehicle and was really looking forward to a walk somewhere new but we went into a door and then I could smell it - we were at a vet called the Tygerberg Animal Hospital. Apparently they are the best to go to where we live.

To be honest, I'm really OK at the vet's. They always have bags of food and shelves of toys and treats so there are tons of things to smell and explore. For example, a humutt and his humuttlets came in carrying 6 baby Alsations! They were so cute and I wanted to play with them but the humuttlets were holding onto them tight.

While we waited my humutt chatted to a lady about her Poodles and my Ouma humutt walked around with me and then weighed me (I'm a very light 26.5kg, which isn't bad for a heavy boned girl).

The vet was very nice. His name is Dr. Levitan. My humutts told him about my incident this Sunday (20 June) and showed him the video they took and then he held my paws and tapped my elbows and put a light into my eyes and looked into my ears and rubbed my bones and listened inside me with a funny metal and rubber thing and he took some wax from my ears and then he chatted with my humutts.

It seems they aren't really sure why I had my 'turn' on Sunday but the vet said he doesn't think it's epilepsy - more some sort of a seizure. He wants me to go for a scan so that he can rule out abnormal growths or scar tissue and so, the process of elimination begins. I also need to have my ears cleaned every 2 days to get the wax out - yuk!

Thanks to my anipals and humutts that have been wishing me well and asking after me - I love you all!!


My humutt that witnessed my 'incident' last month took this video with his phone camera thing because it's difficult to describe what happens to the vet when I'm standing there all smiling and playful.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My paws are stuck

There is nothing better than coming across a c.a.t. This one lives in our complex. What you can't see in this photo is the other c.a.t that is in the branches!

Having four legs means more sticking power and can we stick to one spot when we need to!

Today we learned to 'wait'

This is a photo of some of our classmates and their humutts at this evening's session at Petiket.

We got to sniff each other today and there is a young Boerboel that thinks I am the best thing since self-opening pet food but I overheard his owner saying something about 'having him done on Thursday'. I hope it's a lot of fun, whatever it is!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Learning to 'heel'

I am just loving this training stuff. This week we've been learning 'heel' and 'down'. I am already familiar with the 'down' command as my humutt had taught me this when I was much younger. However, to re-learn it with the funny metallic click and then get a treat, over and over again. Such joy! Sometimes I get all excited when I see the funny little blue plastic thing.

The 'heel' command is somewhat more challenging as there is so much out and about to keep my attention but somehow when I hear the word I tend to slow down and then that magic sound quickly followed by a treat. I am sooooo looking forward to Tuesday's training. Not having had a chance to chat to Mia today I can only assume that she's looking forward to it as much as I am.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Group photo

Kerneels, Sophie and I had another playdate yesterday morning. The two of them had already been for a nice long beach walk with their humutt so they were a little tired at first but we still ran and played a lot. 

I noticed that little Sophie is getting bolder with me and spends less time rolling in the sand when I go towards her.

My humutt tried the clicker thing with them and they didn't really know what the noise was but we all enjoyed the treats tasters. You can see in this picture how patient and well behaved we are!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clicks = Treats

Mia and I got taken to a place where we met some new friends and we got yummy treats every time this funny clicking noise happens. There is some relationship between something we do, the noise and the treat. Whatever, it was such a fun time!

This is Mia showing her humutt mom that she is capable of ignoring other dogs when she is asked to 'kyk'. 

There are two big boy dogs that we are keen to check out and some small doglets that are interesting too. See you all next Tuesday!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Proud South African Poodles

There is something called a 'world cup' going on in our country and our humutts got us some flag bandanans to wear. We also got a new toy each!

Go Bafana Bafana Bapoodle Bapoodle!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mia's Klein Karoo Adventure

Last weekend my mom and I got into our car and went to visit some humutts and doglets in a place called Laingsburg. We left early on Saturday morning (the 29th May) and drove and drove and drove. As you can see from this picture that my mom took, I was so excited and could not sit down at all. I wanted to see EVERYTHING!

Then we stopped at a padstal for a break and a run around. There was so much to see and smell and explore and I ran around like an excited Poodle - which is a lot!

My mom took this photo of a mountain with something called 'first snow of the season'. I actually have no idea what this might mean to me as neither Babette or I have been introduced to this 'snow' thing.

This is me in the garden at the humutt's house in Laingsburg. They are very nice humutts and they are looking after Charlie, my estranged doglet brother. If you are wondering, Charlie and I are step-children and do not have the same birth parents.

Here I am with Charlie. He is looking very old and has lots of grey hair in his coat. I overheard that his eyesight is also a bit iffy. It was nice to see the grumpy doglet after such a long time.

Here I am chasing the doglet of the Laingsburg humutts. It's a good action picture don't you think? This is how I spent most of my weekend - chasing doglet around the garden. Wow - it was fun!

We headed back for Cape Town on Sunday afternoon. I stayed up as long as I could to see how the journey looked in reverse but then I got tired and went to sleep; dreaming of chasing doglets...


Friday, June 4, 2010

Having fun with the C.A.T

I chased Tabby the C.A.T this afternoon while my humutt mom was on a work phone call and there was lots of barking and meowwwing and hissing and more barking and then there was peepee eveywhere and it was great fun.