Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a T.V series

We got this urge to play Poodle charades. Two words. Period drama set in Edwardian Britain.

First on the beach!

There is nothing nicer than being the first to put paw prints on sand. It was very windy and cold which is why I didn't go too far away from my human!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poodle risotto, the first tasting

Mia really wasn't expecting this food. She ate it very quickly and licked the bowl clean. I ate mine slower than she as I prefer to enjoy every bite. As it was cooked at my house last night I got a little taster but this was soooo much better with lots of meaty chunks. And we ate all the vegetables! It is nice having pet humans to do things as we wish. Babette

Monday, July 26, 2010

Would I eat it?

Last week a pigeon was trapped in Mia's house and as we were both on guard duty we did our best to get attention by creating such a racket that the neighbours used a spare key to come into our house to see what was going on.

The bird was trapped in the stair well and sat on a window ledge trying to escape past the solid air. Mia and I sometime run into the solid air too, so we know how frustrated the bird must have been. Anyway, we normally manage to get some feathers off the birds that come into the house but this last visitor was too clever. Perhaps this wasn't it's first visit? Mia and I reckon it will taste like chicken and seeing as we're being fed chicken now, we know what it will taste like! Ha!

The flying yellow thing called Daisy actually lives in my home. Imagine! When I was a young girl I wanted to play with Daisy but over time, I've learned to live with her - even to the extent that she sometimes jumps on my head! Daisy is very cheeky but I don't have any plans as such to see what she tastes like. Perhaps she tastes like chicken.

Humutts are weird

In an attempt to better understand the ways of my pack, I decided to try using the couch the way my humutts do. They are strange animals because they must be so uncomfortable having to sit like this, sometimes for hours on end!

I prefer the canine method as demonstrated in this photo on the right.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally! Proof that I am being starved!

This is solid evidence that I am being starved to death which is why I have to try for tasty human food. Like cheese... But you can clearly see my bowls are empty and that I am passed out with weakness. Anyone that would think I am sleeping off a meal of chicken necks and kibble is crazy! Babette

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, bloody Saturday

This is the boy dog that liked me a lot. I met him and his Alsation girlfriend on my playdate this morning with Kerneels and Sophie. But his girlfriend wasn't too happy he fancied me and then she behaved like Mia and barked a lot and tried to intimidate me. And it worked cos with his nose on my bum and her shouting at me I stayed sat on the sand close to my human. And then they saw blood and the boy dog had it all over his face and it was on me and Kerneels had it in his eye. Then he and she went away with their human and I walked with Kerneels and Sophie for a bit. Then we all went home. Babette

Back to clicker school

My mom turned into the farm driveway and I knew I was going to meet some new friends and we did some training but I was too excited to perform like a circus Poodle and all I did was run around and sniff everywhere and dominate other dogs and I had lots of fun. Mia

Monday, July 19, 2010

The warm weather makes me go 'wheee'!

On our beach walk today the humutt let us off leash and Babette and I ran a lot and then we played in the water and I am looking forward to summer and getting wet in the cold ocean water and sand in my fur.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

They are from Malta; but they are not Poodles

I see these doglets often. In fact I walk past the two white ones every day on my weepoo walks. They bark ferociously from behind the safety of their gate but today one was out and about so I went to say hello. Then I wanted to play with it. Then it got scared and went away - not so ferocious now!

Then I came across the other one (on the right in the photo) who was visiting it's old friend (on the left) in the street round the corner. This old doglet is missing a front leg and my humutts nickname it 'Tripod'. I call it 'Grrrr Uffff' because it is normally unfriendly but today it wanted to say hello and show me it's teeth.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sleepy Babette and Mia; care Poodles

Our play date pals Kerneels and Sophie went to the vet this week to have things done to them that we don't like to think about. Then they found that little Kerneels has a bad hip and he will have this problem for life.

Kerneels and Sophie, we love you very much and wish you a speedy recovery.

We love everyone else, especially when you have treats or scratches for us.

Babette and Mia

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My pics are always blurry

This is me eating my boiled egg and my head is all blurry because I eat so fast and I am faster than the camera!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pompoms and babas

Oh my dog! Going though old photos and found this embarrassing one of me as a little puppy next to my older sister in full-on Poodle clip!!!! Hahahaha - check the Tina Turner hair. Those pompoms are almost as wide as me! Poodle-flares.

Actually she did photo and film work when she was younger but her agent rarely calls because they know she doesn't do the funny hairdo's any more.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Poodle thoughts on sharing food

Sharing your kibble is tolerable but when there is a juicy piece of meat involved it's every Poodle for themself!

Poodles on guard duty

Looks can be deceiving. Cute, fluffy and cuddly can also be growly, barky and scary. Well, that is what we want people to think when Mia and I are on patrol at my house. Why do people smile at us when we bark ferociously?��Babette

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mia goes climbing

I was very lucky this weekend because I went with my mom in the car and we went to see Charlie again and we went with another she humutt that is the sister of my mom. The highlight of the weekend was when we went walking and we went up a hill to see the town but there were sooooooo many new nice smells for me. I smelled some strange animal poo that belongs to something called a 'bokkie'. There were also some Dassies that I wanted to chase but the humutts would not let me. I havenot seen a Dassie before and I can not describe it here because I can not compare it to anything I have seen before but if you are a canine you will definitely want to chase one. I will try and chase them another time when the humutts are not looking. We are at home now and it is nice to be home but I am looking forward to my next adventure with my mom.