Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beauty sleep - the end of a long day

Passed out on her couch. It's always a tiring excursion to the parlour.

After: a long time after

The parlour was a bit hectic today. Despite having booked the girls in, it seems they were down a few hands, so the girls were there most of the day. There is also the minor accident that happened when someone got poo on themselves because someone else pood, and had to be rewashed and dried. Methinks perhaps this contributed to the delay somewhat..

Both of them were overjoyed to be collected; mostly glad to be free and away from all the pulling, tugging, blowing and handling. We walked on the main promenade for some toilet relief and a quick walk. Two passers by commented how beautiful they were and a guy cleaning the road asked he could have one.

Taking photos while they are in this post-parlour excited state is difficult to say the least. I was hoping for a nice shot on the dune vegetation with the sea or Table mountain in the background but these will have to suffice.

Burgess (today's useful parlour drop and collect human).

Before: it's time for a walk, isn't it?

Today the girls are going in for a wash and cut. When the harnesses and leashes come out there is always great excitement in anticipation of a walk and this morning was no different. The girls will stay by the door, patiently waiting and acting as a visual reminder that we are about to embark on a walk.

Different story when we arrived at the parlour. Not so quick to leave the car and not so keen to be taken by the man into the back of the shop....

Photo taken on the way out this morning.

Burgess (a useful human that does things for the girls).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vlermuisie update

It looks like the little bat isn't going to make it. When we went on our walk this afternoon he was lying on the hot driveway and still there (though in a different position), when we came back.

We gave Vlermuisie some water by dropping it on the ground in front of him and he seemed to drink a bit. The human then placed him in a small tree to at least get him out of the way of cars and other animals.

Good luck, Vlermuisie!

A bit of grass won't hurt anyone

The humans were like "let's give them some grass"; and we were like "that's way cool, thanks dudes".

In keeping with the whole like 'green-eco' theme, this is grown from Daisy the cockatiels' left-over seeds. Recycle and re-use, man. Yeah.

Babette, Mia, Charlie and Tabby are all using grass

Mwahahaha; Alter-ego Poodle

"Give me a doggie treat or the bear loses it's ear!"


Look at what I found when Babette and I went on our walk yesterday afternoon. It's a tiny bat - about 6-7 cm in length. We don't know what type of bat it is and we really did want to investigate it a bit more but our walking human thought it looked tired or something and wouldn't let us play with it. Vlermuisie - we'll look out for you today, OK?


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Me and my toy 'Big Beer'

My human mom took this photo with her phone last night. I'm posting it so that my big sister Babette can see it. She gets jealous when I have my toys and wants to take them from me for herself. I look like I'm dreaming happy Poodle dreams.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good posture is important

We Poodles have the knack of looking good. We are instantly recognisable as Poodles; it must the the wavy hair and stunning features! And we never get 'look at the doggie'. It's always, 'look at the Pooooodle'!

In this photo taken at van Riebeeckstrand last weekend, my little sister Mia demonstrates her beach pose. If there are other dogs or humans about to pay us homage, we Poodles take a second to compose the perfect stance allowing for praise, petting/sniffing and photos. Interestingly, you can see Mia's champagne colour quite nicely in this photo. The colour doesn't come up that well in photos normally.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Never eat lying down?

Here is a short video of my crazy sister Mia, having an afternoon kibble snack.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Il Mare Salato. 021 553 5415

Another local pet-friendly restaurant where I can sit with humans while they eat is Il Mare Salato. I often get my own water bowl when we go to this restaurant. They make things called pizza which seem to be popular with all humans and especially the younger ones. Some of the younger humans I want to bark at and I have to be on my best behaviour when we eat out! I can also watch people and dogs walking on the grass and beach, which I enjoy.

Il Mare Salato is next to Eastern Fusion on Beach Road, Melkbosstrand. Follow 6th Ave to the beach and turn left at the end. Oh, that's me and my human, Jacques about to walk past the restaurant in this photo!


Eastern Fusion, Melkbosstrand. 021 553 4831

This local restaurant is a favourite of ours; and it's pet-friendly. Not only am I allowed to sit at the outside tables but the staff generally make a fuss over me. There is a lovely lady there who really loves me to bits and always gives me a big cuddle.

The humans also like eating here and seem to enjoy the sunset over the ocean a lot. Not so much doggie kibble for them, but stuff called sushi and noodles and other lovely, tasty looking things that I would just love to sink my Poodle teeth into.

We walk past Eastern Fusion on our walks around Melkbosstrand but if any human wants to get there, follow 6th Ave towards the beach and turn left at the end. 6th Ave is the crossroads with the traffic light in the centre of town.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mia learns to dig

Although not caught right at the start, this is my little sister digging in sand. She watched me dig for a bit and decided she'd give it a go. You can see she is a bit hesitant. As her older sister, I supervised to make sure she did it correctly and safely.

Postcard from Babalou: Reception Duty

Had to go and work this day and it was such a long day, what were they thinking I was still so young

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're Twoodles!

As we are Poodles and as the Twitter naming trend is to prefix 'Tw' to a word, then surely tweeting Poodles would be Twoodles? Twoodles of the world, unite!

Short clip of Babette planting herself

Babette is so funny!

Trying to grow a Poodle

My big sister is a funny one. When we went to the beach this afternoon she showed me how to plant a Poodle. It's quite easy really. Dig in softish sand a bit and when it looks deep enough, stick your face in so your ears lie flat on either side. Keep like that for as long as you can and then jump up and run like the wind. I'm not sure how the running bit helps but I tried this today for the first time ever and whilst I'm a bit sceptical about the 'growing a Poodle' thing, it's great fun! I'll post a video for you to see me enjoying a dig.


Meet the family: Tabby

OK, she's most definitely not canine but again, we share the same human mom and dad so I guess this makes her my older sister? This is Tabby, a 20 year old feline. This is an old photo because I can Poodle-count 4 paws and she currently only has 3. You see, she was shot in one of her hind legs by some hooligan children, about 2 years ago. The animal doctors did try their best to save her leg but it had to be amputated.

She may have 3 legs and she may be 20, but boy - can she jump, run, catch and give me a run for my Poodle-money when I rag her!


Meet the family: Charlie

This is my Charlie. Despite being a lot smaller than me and not looking much like a Poodle shape-wise, he's my older brother as we both share the same human mom and dad. How confusing to all these family relationships get?

Anycase, Charlie is an old, old boy, 18 human years I believe. He's blind in one eye, a tad overweight and a real grump at the best of times. Charlie is human daddy's boy. I like to tease Charlie by jumping close to him and nipping him on the neck. It drives him crazy and occasionally he moves fast enough to nip me or get a toothless mouthful of my Poodle-fur!

Charlie has his own 3 seater couch to lie on. What a lucky thing he is.


Material Girl

OK, so Mia managed to post a photo of me just after my bath - how embarrassing! I shall get Poodle-vengeance of this photo of her sleeping wrapped up in curtains. Ha!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Smile Babette, You're on Candid Camera!

I rarely get to post on OUR blog, so I'll make up for lost time by posting this photo of my sister while she's having her hair done. She will kill me when she finds out I've put this on the net because she's very particular about how she looks, being an ex model.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

My baby sister

Mia is a small giant Poodle (there is nothing 'standard' about us, thanks) and she just LOVES her cuddly toys.

Mia's human took this photo last night.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meet our brother!

This is Babalou, our handsome brother. Babalou and I were born together although I don't know who is the oldest between us. Mia has never met him even though he's her half-brother. I think a family meeting would be in order one day soon!

Babalou is a very well groomed boy because he goes to lots of events and shows.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Working the camera

In my youth I did some film and magazine work. In fact, I could do it more regularly but that means maintaining full on pompom mode just in case I'm needed in front of the camera.

These days, with my 'do' in rough 'n ready mode my humans take advantage of any photo op I offer them. This photo was taken yesterday. I really gave it my best malt-flavour doggie toothpaste smile, don't you think?