Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My human mom taking us for a beach walk-walk

On special days my human mom takes Babette and I for a walk on the beach which is great because I love being with her and I know that Babette loves being with her too coz and when we walk together I always look back at her to make sure she's following and OK.

Anyway.. today we were let off leash again as we were yesterday when mom walked us but today Babette and I stalked each other and ran a lot though the sand and we sniffed some places and even ran into the water. Mom was busy making a video of us playing but she tripped and dropped the camera phone thingy which didn't break but the humans find it funny to watch the video.

Humans are strange creatures but they make a great addition to Poodle packs!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Focus on the biscuits...

My human mom likes to spoil me with treats and she also gives them to Babette and I don't mind much coz my sister and I share everything anyway Babette's human had some Beenos in his hand and we had to check very carefully that he didn't drop or forget one. There are 4 Beenos. There are still 4 Beenos...


Meet Kerneelz and Sophie

This is the second time I have bumped into these 2 cute doglet dogs. Neelz is the boy and is the larger of the two.

They just want to play and we have such fun together. I will be looking out for them every day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Distraction on the beach

Our walking human thought it would be nice to have a photo of us on the beach.

Problem is that it is difficult to see past humans when they are in front of you! There was a collie dog with eyes like David Bowie and we could not stop staring at him!

Blankets get in the way

I really don't know why my humans keep covering my couch with these blankets.

We canines like to scratch blankets into balls but much as I love blankets, the feels of real couch material on my skin is soooo much nicer.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Izabellas is Poodle friendly!

What a treat! Today we went walkies with three of our humans! We love it when our human pack come with us but we do have to look back and check often to make sure they are keeping up and following our lead. If humans had four legs they would find it easier to make Poodle pace.

The humans decided that they needed some of their water and funny kibble and we went to a place called Izabella's. It is in Eden on the Bay, which we walk past every day - so at least it's familiar to us. The humans at Izabella's were only to happy for us to sit and watch the humanlets running around. They even brought us a bowl of fresh water. If you want to call Izabella's, their number is 021 554 9650. We love pet friendly and especially dog friendly places!

From a canine point of view, Izabella's is situated next to the humanlet play area, so there is plenty to watch, listen to and smell. We are welcome and given fresh water, which is just what we need mid walk. For the humans, there are so many yummy smells to choose from but of course, their food is only for Poodle tasting when they are not looking...

Our humans go on about how yummy the kibble cake is at Izabella's. Maybe you should take your canine with and eat cake and coffee!

Putting on a face

Here I am putting on my cute face. Babette's human told us that our human in Bantry Bay wasn't well this week. Get better Mr Bantry Human! Licks and Poodlehugs. Mia and Babette.

Poodle eye view

Waiting patiently outside the supermarket while one of my humans does hunter gatherer stuff.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Parlour day again!

We are waiting patiently to get our cut and dry. There is a fluffy semi-doglet inside that wants to come out with its humans!