Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Play date Saturday 22 May

We have been a bit slack at putting paw to keyboard the past few weeks. It's not that we haven't wanted to post but when our humans get busy with whatever they get busy with, they tend to forget our online needs and they know that we just can't manage the keystrokes to unlock the screen saver without their help!

Kerneelz and Sophie sent me an email late Friday evening to ask if I fancied another play date and when my humans and I read the email on Saturday morning we were very happy to hear from our friends and we made plans to meet that morning.

It was so exciting because we played and ran and barked and ran and played some more and then a human arrived with Eddie the Jack Russel and his shy Jack Russel girl friend (sorry - I forgot your name little doglette) and we all ran around and played together.

Eddie the doglet rather fancied me I think. He kept jumping up and kissing me!

Kerneelz also wanted to play with the small doglet. I like to think he was rescuing me.

I wish humutts met up like this on the beach more often because we canines just love playing together on the beach.


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  1. Who could possibly resist you Babette? Eddie has got good taste. But is he good enough for you? I mean a c.a.t. can look at a king, but still! I will speak to your humutt about this. Very serious business.