Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dogs can use tools too!

Dogs can use tools too!, originally uploaded by Poodlematic.

When you humans watch your 'wildlife' documentaries and your faithful canine lies close by and watches the screen, you have no idea how much we laugh! We've seen the programs about chimps and crows, the documentaries about animal brain size as a ratio to body size but how exactly do you think us blogging dogs and c.a.t.s manage to put stuff on the Interweb?

Simple. The laptop behind me belongs to a human. The tool we use is a human who slaves away at the keyboard, fingers bleeding, till the early hours; while we nap and eat.

Ahhhhhh. It's a dog's life.


1 comment:

  1. Shhh Mia, the human may just get the message and also just nap and eat. So give him a really lovely poodle smile and he will just keep on doing the business. Tell Babette also.