Thursday, April 18, 2013

I am not feeling well.

I have not written on my Blogger blog for a long time. Mostly because Tumblr is faster to use for those with big furry paws.

My humans were told yesterday - after several weeks of check ups and vet visits culminating in a CT scan on Tuesday - that I have cancer everywhere inside me. Most notably it is on my lungs and liver.

January this year was my 6th birthday so I'm really a young middle age lady and there has not been a history of cancer in my family. I'm taking it in my stride, resting and sleeping to conserve energy and also because I know I don't feel 100%.

My body is trying it's best to heal itself, as my white blood cells are in overdrive. I'll see how much I can keep the cancer at bay!

I will be writing a bit more, mostly to help my humans through this time but because despite me not being well, I am still me - and I have a lot of love to give everyone. Please think of me and send me poodle love and healing thoughts.



  1. Darling Babette,

    We love you so much and hope that that will help you get well.

    With all our love
    Your Bantry Bay humans

    1. Thank you Bantry Bay humans xxx

  2. Happy belated birthday:) Hope woo pawtied like a rock star! Prayers and healing husky woooooos,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  3. Thank you for the message and healing husky woooos!