Sunday, March 28, 2010

Izabellas is Poodle friendly!

What a treat! Today we went walkies with three of our humans! We love it when our human pack come with us but we do have to look back and check often to make sure they are keeping up and following our lead. If humans had four legs they would find it easier to make Poodle pace.

The humans decided that they needed some of their water and funny kibble and we went to a place called Izabella's. It is in Eden on the Bay, which we walk past every day - so at least it's familiar to us. The humans at Izabella's were only to happy for us to sit and watch the humanlets running around. They even brought us a bowl of fresh water. If you want to call Izabella's, their number is 021 554 9650. We love pet friendly and especially dog friendly places!

From a canine point of view, Izabella's is situated next to the humanlet play area, so there is plenty to watch, listen to and smell. We are welcome and given fresh water, which is just what we need mid walk. For the humans, there are so many yummy smells to choose from but of course, their food is only for Poodle tasting when they are not looking...

Our humans go on about how yummy the kibble cake is at Izabella's. Maybe you should take your canine with and eat cake and coffee!

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  1. I think there should be Blaf blaf menu also, That will be lovely. Canines won't have to watch only but also taste the yummy cakes that the humanlets talk about