Monday, July 5, 2010

Mia goes climbing

I was very lucky this weekend because I went with my mom in the car and we went to see Charlie again and we went with another she humutt that is the sister of my mom. The highlight of the weekend was when we went walking and we went up a hill to see the town but there were sooooooo many new nice smells for me. I smelled some strange animal poo that belongs to something called a 'bokkie'. There were also some Dassies that I wanted to chase but the humutts would not let me. I havenot seen a Dassie before and I can not describe it here because I can not compare it to anything I have seen before but if you are a canine you will definitely want to chase one. I will try and chase them another time when the humutts are not looking. We are at home now and it is nice to be home but I am looking forward to my next adventure with my mom.

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