Monday, July 26, 2010

Would I eat it?

Last week a pigeon was trapped in Mia's house and as we were both on guard duty we did our best to get attention by creating such a racket that the neighbours used a spare key to come into our house to see what was going on.

The bird was trapped in the stair well and sat on a window ledge trying to escape past the solid air. Mia and I sometime run into the solid air too, so we know how frustrated the bird must have been. Anyway, we normally manage to get some feathers off the birds that come into the house but this last visitor was too clever. Perhaps this wasn't it's first visit? Mia and I reckon it will taste like chicken and seeing as we're being fed chicken now, we know what it will taste like! Ha!

The flying yellow thing called Daisy actually lives in my home. Imagine! When I was a young girl I wanted to play with Daisy but over time, I've learned to live with her - even to the extent that she sometimes jumps on my head! Daisy is very cheeky but I don't have any plans as such to see what she tastes like. Perhaps she tastes like chicken.

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