Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alpha female apologises

Often we share a bowl and often I am the first eating and often I growl at my older sister when she tries to eat but we still happily share kibble but today we had a fight she bit my ear and now I smell of disinfectant.

She came and licked my face to say sorry. I am still eating kibble and she is lying down watching me. The humans made a fuss over me and she knows she went a bit overboard.



  1. Hello ladies,

    I am not a poodle, but one of those humutts you talk about. I have found you quite by chance. My daughter told me she was going to get a weepoo for her two young daughters.

    I did not know what a weepoo was, but not only did I find out, I also found you. I have read quite a few of your adventures now and always find your comments about your encounters great fun to read.

    I was disappointed to find you do not write about them as often as you have done in the past, but perhaps you are too busy.

    I will be keeping watch for any new adventures you get up to.

    Keep on making the world a happier place.


  2. Dear Russell

    Thank you for your post and kind words. We are not having much success in replying to you - this is our third attempt now. As poodles, we can not blame the computer. As we have big paws and the buttons are small.

    It is nice that you enjoy our poodle posts. We have not stopped but post more frequently on our Tumblr page at

    Hope to see you there!

    Babette and Mia (poodles)