Sunday, February 14, 2010

Everyone, meet Ami

My crazy sister has already posted about yesterday's Woefie-Wandel that took place at Hoërskool Tygerberg in Parow, so I'll post this - we met a halt-sister or even a younger sister of ours at the event!

We spotted a black Standard Poodle and of course, wanted to go and say hello. While the humans were chatting about where we come from, we worked out quite quickly that we shared the same mother and quite possibly, the same father as Mia has. She is 18 humans months old. Her humans call her Ami which means 'friend' in our ancestral French human language.

Ami and Mia (how funny, their names even use the same human letters!) both growled at each other a bit but she and I got on well. Ami's humans even took a picture of the three of us together!

It was lovely to meet you Ami and we hope to run into you some time soon.

Babette and Mia, your sisters xxxxx

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