Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holiday by Ouma and Mia

I spent the week at Ouma and Mia's house. My humans went away to somewhere called Swellendam but had the sense to leave me with my two favourites; my sister and Ouma. I would have liked to go with them but some humans are not pet friendly and that means I do not want to meet them at all. I'm sure they would change their minds and allow Poodles if they were brave enough to meet me but I do understand that my fluffiness and friendliness can be a bit daunting for humans sometimes.

My pack is complete again and Daisy the cockatiel and I arrived back at our home last night. I slept on the couch all sprawled out and comfy as usual and it was nice.

This photo is of a canine that my humans came across yesterday at a place called Dassiesfontein. I'm not sure of it's name but they said it was very friendly and that it is a working dog and that it might have mistaken me for a sheep! Some humans do think I'm a sheep but I'm sure a distant cousin of mine would surely not make that mistake. Would they?


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