Thursday, February 4, 2010

My new bed

For my third birthday, my humans chucked out my old Poodle nest and gave me this hi-tech 'all-barking all-prancing' Poodle bed.

It's called a Petzbed and has a funny grey mesh on top. Apparently boy humans love it but girl humans think it isn't soft and fluffy enough. The mesh is great for rubbing my nose when it gets itchy.

It doesn't have the raised edges my old bed had (that made it so perfect for curling up into a fluffy ball) but it does shape nicely however I lie on it, even when half on the floor!

My humans were also talking about the new bed being better for me than the old one, something to do with fleas not being able to breed and hypo-allergenic and something called 'drip dry' - whatever that is! All I want to know is, will my favourite toys Minky and Skaapie like it?

Mia certainly likes my new bed! I think she's making herself look sleepy to prove a point. What do you think?

1 comment:

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