Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another vet visit after another 'incident'

This afternoon I went with my humutts in the van and we went for a long drive but without my sister, Mia - which is strange because we almost always go everywhere together. It's not that often that we drive and drive so I made myself comfortable on the cushion and slept a bit.

I woke up and watched the world quickly go by and then we stopped. I was so happy to be out of the vehicle and was really looking forward to a walk somewhere new but we went into a door and then I could smell it - we were at a vet called the Tygerberg Animal Hospital. Apparently they are the best to go to where we live.

To be honest, I'm really OK at the vet's. They always have bags of food and shelves of toys and treats so there are tons of things to smell and explore. For example, a humutt and his humuttlets came in carrying 6 baby Alsations! They were so cute and I wanted to play with them but the humuttlets were holding onto them tight.

While we waited my humutt chatted to a lady about her Poodles and my Ouma humutt walked around with me and then weighed me (I'm a very light 26.5kg, which isn't bad for a heavy boned girl).

The vet was very nice. His name is Dr. Levitan. My humutts told him about my incident this Sunday (20 June) and showed him the video they took and then he held my paws and tapped my elbows and put a light into my eyes and looked into my ears and rubbed my bones and listened inside me with a funny metal and rubber thing and he took some wax from my ears and then he chatted with my humutts.

It seems they aren't really sure why I had my 'turn' on Sunday but the vet said he doesn't think it's epilepsy - more some sort of a seizure. He wants me to go for a scan so that he can rule out abnormal growths or scar tissue and so, the process of elimination begins. I also need to have my ears cleaned every 2 days to get the wax out - yuk!

Thanks to my anipals and humutts that have been wishing me well and asking after me - I love you all!!


My humutt that witnessed my 'incident' last month took this video with his phone camera thing because it's difficult to describe what happens to the vet when I'm standing there all smiling and playful.


  1. Darling Babette, You are very brave and I am missing you very much. Congratulations on becoming a graduate student.

  2. Hi,
    I hate to see Babette having trouble walking. I see so much of my Brady in her. I pray that everything is ok. I dread the time I may have to deal with Brady having medical problems. As you already know poodles are so special and we think of them as one of our children...Give her a scratch and hug for me...
    Brady says rufffff*&%$#@