Monday, June 7, 2010

Mia's Klein Karoo Adventure

Last weekend my mom and I got into our car and went to visit some humutts and doglets in a place called Laingsburg. We left early on Saturday morning (the 29th May) and drove and drove and drove. As you can see from this picture that my mom took, I was so excited and could not sit down at all. I wanted to see EVERYTHING!

Then we stopped at a padstal for a break and a run around. There was so much to see and smell and explore and I ran around like an excited Poodle - which is a lot!

My mom took this photo of a mountain with something called 'first snow of the season'. I actually have no idea what this might mean to me as neither Babette or I have been introduced to this 'snow' thing.

This is me in the garden at the humutt's house in Laingsburg. They are very nice humutts and they are looking after Charlie, my estranged doglet brother. If you are wondering, Charlie and I are step-children and do not have the same birth parents.

Here I am with Charlie. He is looking very old and has lots of grey hair in his coat. I overheard that his eyesight is also a bit iffy. It was nice to see the grumpy doglet after such a long time.

Here I am chasing the doglet of the Laingsburg humutts. It's a good action picture don't you think? This is how I spent most of my weekend - chasing doglet around the garden. Wow - it was fun!

We headed back for Cape Town on Sunday afternoon. I stayed up as long as I could to see how the journey looked in reverse but then I got tired and went to sleep; dreaming of chasing doglets...


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  1. All poodle ladies need a holiday from time to time. Life can be so tiring just staying at home and chasing the same doglets.