Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our outing to Bantry Bay

What a treat! Babette and I were bundled into the car this morning. In itself, this is exciting because we just KNOW that we will end up somewhere else, normally another beach except this morning we drove longer than usual and our Poodle senses told us we were going in a different direction than normal. OK, the sense I'm talking about was my eyes as I just wouldn't sit down.

Anyway, we got to this place by the sea and we were taken for a walk on the grass. There were small and large humans and other dogs and lots of things to sniff at and then Babette had a poo and a wee and then we walked some more and I was so excited and then we were taken back to the car.

Then, we drove for a little bit and then went into a building and something called a 'lift' and then we were in a home and these nice people made a fuss over us. It was exciting. We sat and watched humans walking, some had dogs with them and we barked a lot but eventually we got tired so we lay down while the humans talked.

The human lady adoring us in the photo is a fellow blogger. Her blog is called Back Chat and she writes a lot about food! How neat is that?

Thank you to the lovely humans who told us we were so pretty and who let us into their home to bark at dogs from high up. What fun!


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  1. It's really all about the Poodles. Love the girls' hair cuts!