Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Poodlemas?

We're not really sure what happened yesterday. Mia's house was filled with humans, two of them small humanlets and of a size worthy of barking at. Some of these humans we had never seen or smelt before and we think they are staying for a few days. They also ate a lot and we got lucky and scored some yummy human food - which does not happen often.

Mia's human bought us some collar decorations for the human celebration of 'Christmas' - whatever that is - but check the photo to see how cool we look. Other humans on the beach walk thought we looked so pretty and made a fuss over us. Therefore, as Poodles, we think the day should be renamed Poodlemas; meaning 'Poodle mus be the centre of attention'....  My human bought us all smoked bones and I ate mine all up! Yummy!

The Poodle girls hope you all had fun whatever you did!

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