Saturday, December 5, 2009

The day my bed/couch was taken away

Regular visitors to the Poodlematic blog may recall that my sleeping couch was carted away the other evening without so much as a hint of consultation with me, it's primary user. Two humans do share this home with me but lets get one thing straight, they share with me.

In my home, there is a spare bedroom that gets used as a laundry room, and the humans dump all the clean laundry pre-ironing onto the sleeper couch there. I made it well known that I was not amused with the fact that there were coat hangars and bags and other things all over the sleeper couch by just sitting there and staring intently at a human. This does tend to get their attention quickly (handy tip for any canines reading this) and within minutes the couch was cleared and my sleeping blanket laid down.

Better. Much better.

Blaf! Blaf! It's a dog's life!


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