Sunday, December 6, 2009

Curiosity caused the C.A.T to make a friend with a Poodle?

What an exciting evening weepoo walk today! As we crossed the main road by my home, I saw a stripey ginger cat hiding behind a pal tree. I stopped and stared at it and it stared right back at me. My human took this photo - can see spot the cat?

Then we walked down 4th Avenue and as usual everyone barked as we walked past. We reached the end of 4th Avenue I was let off leash so I could go do my thing. I ran into the long grass and had a pee and then saw a human on a bike cycling along the path. My walking human and I ran all around the grass and then onto the beach. I found a huge poo in the sand so I did my business there and then we took a leisurely walk back. (Note that our humans always pick up our business - they are good like that).

At the top of 4th Avenue where I saw the stripey ginger cat was a thin black cat. Just sitting there. I put my brakes on and stared at it. It was just looking around as if I wasn't there. Imagine not noticing me! Then it got up and walked towards me. Then it was under my chin and it sniffed my front paws! I was beside myself with excitement. Poodle ears all alert and tail wagging like a wagging tail (you can see eyes at the top of the photo...

...because while all this was happening) and unknown to me - the stipey ginger cat was approaching from behind and I only saw it when the other cat was under me. The flash from the camera was too much for the cats and they ran away.

I do hope they are there tomorrow - they are my new friends!

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