Monday, January 18, 2010

Die Damhuis, Melkbosstrand

Yesterday morning (the morning I saw the flying car thingy) my humans took me to Die Damhuis, a beachfront restaurant in Melkbosstrand. Poodles and other canines are lucky, because there is an outside bit with umbrellas for keeping one cool while lying on the flagstones.

Die Damhuis is on Melkbosstrand's beach road - go down 6th Avenue from the traffic lights towards the beach and turn right - it's there on the first corner on the right.

They do not offer a menu specifically for us, so you will have to do your best to get your humans to part with some tasty treats from the human menu which could be meat, vegetable or carbohydrate based. Remind the humans if you're there on a Sunday morning that bacon fat is especially welcome!

I was offered a bowl of water but my humans decided at that point we were going walkies again, so unfortunately I can't review their bowl or water quality for you.


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  1. Babette, from one restaurant reviewer to another, I really enjoyed your review of Die Damhuis. Very well written. I always like a restaurant that is poodle and pet friendly.