Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleep-over week again

My human pack and the flying yellow thing are staying over at Mia's again. The humans didn't bring the computer with, so I'm sneaking this quick post on a phone while they are busy outside!

Anyway, it's great fun staying with my sister. We found a strange cat in the house yesterday and we went ballistic! There was hissing and back-arching and ear slanting and all sorts of feline things that drive us wild with excitement. We didn't get to chase it though, which is a real shame. We hate it when the humans interfere in animal matters...

Will try and post again soon. Here is a pic of Mia and I checking out the vibe at Eden on the Bay, Bloubergstrand. If you're local and you have a canine or two in your pack, come to Eden on the Bay and relax on a hot summer weekend.  We walk past it every day so you're bound to see us Poodle gals at some stage!


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  1. And if you want to import a poodle from France (the country of origin of the breed), I have made a page listing all the current litters: