Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two Poodles and a Cockatiel

One of the most amazing things EVER this week when my sister and her humans came to stay; they brought this mesmerising yellow flying squeeky toy and it spent the day locked in my human mom's room when all the humans were out doing whatever it is they do when they leave after the morning weepoo walk.

When the door was open us Poodles went to inspect and stand guard to protect the flying squeeky toy from Tabby, the pussycat because as a pussycat, Tabby eats flying squeeky toys.

This does not explain why I could not take my eyes off it for more than a few seconds and why my little pink tongue kept licking my Poodle lips and why thoughts of roast chicken kept haunting me every time I looked at it or it made a squeaky noise....


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