Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our outing to the other side of the bay

Yesterday our humans took us in the big car to see the lovely humans that live in the building with the magic box with the slidey doors that also goes up and down and makes everything new when the doors open again. We had such fun there.

Of course, we were adored and hugged and stroked and adored some more; and as Poodles, this is what we enjoy the most. Just as well that Mia and I had been to the parlour on Thursday. Our ribbons even matched the Aunty Leslie human's clothes! We all looked so smart together.

Mia was brave and stood close to the edge of the balcony and she growled at humans walking in the street way below. She may have thought they were C.A.T's or some other little animal as they looked so small - smaller than she is used to seeing them.

We got some white bread and also some nutty bread to eat which was yummy - thanks Aunty Leslie human!

After the humans had finished barking together, we went back in the magic box and somehow arrived back at the big car. Then our humans took us for a lovely walk-walk in a different place to where we normally go. They call this place Sea Point Promenade (which reminds me of Pomeranian in a funny way). There were lots of people and lots of them looked at us and told us how pretty we were and how loved we must be (for those that don't know, a condition of Poodles accepting humans into their pack is that we get the most love of all).

Our humans had some human food and we had to lie patiently under the table. After they finished eating we walked some more and met a groups of lady humans that made such a fuss of us. I barked at a humanlet and then we went in the big car again and made our way home.

We were so thirsty when we got home but it was a fun day out. We slept a lot in the afternoon.

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  1. You are show-stoppers girls. You look stunning on the promenade. I am so pleased that everybody paid you the attention that is only right and proper for celebs like you. See you soon babes.